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Japanese is believed to be linked to the Altaic language family, which includes Turkish, Mongolian and other languages, but also shows similarities to Austronesian languages like Polynesian.

Level 1:
Useful phrases for business or vacation in Japan. For example, self-introductions, requests, shopping, and things such as, "where is the restroom?" Also, things like, "Please, help!" We will also learn how to be polite and properly use the Japanese custom of hesitation. We will learn about the culture and what is acceptable in Japanese society.

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Level 1 Fall Schedule:
Evening Class   
Tuesday 6.30 – 9pm    
Starting Date September. 2nd
$300     30h/8w


Level 2/3 Fall Schedule:
Evening Class   
Monday 6.30 – 9pm    
Starting Date September. 1st
$300     30h/8w

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation encourages building relationship between US and Turkey by strengthening diverse values and cultures. Turkish classes in Denver enable you to learn rapidly, and they are fun from the get-go!

If you are looking for a Turkish class in Denver you have come to the right place. Our class is also interactive and affordable. We offer currently introductory classes. 

Poised between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a geographical and cultural bridge between East and West. Having been the proud home of some of the world’s grandest civilizations, Turkey is now touted as a model for emerging democracies in the Middle East.  In the past decade Turkey has emerged not only as a respectable democracy, but it has become an economic powerhouse and force in regional politics and international affairs.  In short, Turkey is on the rise.  There is no better time than now to study the Turkish Language and become part of Turkey’s exciting future. Turkish is a very regular and logical language and once you grasp its logic, forming sentences is as easy and as fun as putting lego pieces together. And unlike many other languages, Turkish is a phonetic language. Once you master the alphabet, you can pronounce and read each word as well as a Turkish person can.

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation uses resources, books and materials of the Turkish Language Institute. Website: www.turkishlanguage.us



The student who completes this stage learns the three basic tenses (past tense, present continuous and future) and the student is able to use them adequately. Also the student can converse in everyday conversations easily and can ask and answer simple questions.



Upon completion of this course, students can expect to be able to discuss a broader range of topics with greater precision and confidence. Building upon the basic foundation provided in Level One, more advanced topics are introduced including the use of comparatives and the future tense. Students can expect to improve dramatically their vocabulary through participation in structured oral activities.

Application Form

If you are interested in attending one of our Turkish Language Classes, please complete the form by clicking here.

Level 1 Fall Schedule:
Evening Class   
6.30 – 9pm    
$300     30h/8w



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