2015 December - Kerim Balci - The Cancer of Extremism - A Muslim journalist's reflections in wake of Paris attacks 

Kerim Balci is a Turkish writer, journalist and academic. Balci is the editor in chief of Turkish Review, a bimonthly journal published by Zaman Media Group of Turkey. Balci is a frequent columnist in Today’s Zaman and Zaman dailies, both the largest circulating
newspapers in their boulevards, and correspondents to several local and international TV channels on issues related to the Middle East. Kerim Balci studied Physics and Political Science and International Relations at the Bosporus University in Turkey. He has an MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the city where he served as the representative of Zaman Turkish Daily for eight years. Balci is currently a PhD candidate at the Durham University of the UK on linguistic philosophy.

Balci published several articles in academic and popular books and encyclopedias, mainly about the Middle East, Turkish Politics, US Policy in the Middle East, and interfaith dialogue.


2013 Annual Legislative Dialogue and Friendship Dinner and Governor's Mansion in Denver on Feb. 28th, 2013.
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Philip Clayton, Dean Claremont School of Theology.


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Muslims, Jews gather at Denver mosque to help feed the hungry

Muslims, Jews gather at Denver mosque to help feed the hungry Jews and Muslims were in a sticky situation Sunday at the Northeast Denver Islamic Center — they were up to their elbows in peanut butter and jelly as they made roughly 1,000 sandwiches to hand out to people on the streets.



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