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DATE - March 15th Panel Discussion - Respect for the Sacred

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Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav Rev. Paul Kottke Imam Abdurrahim Ali

Freedom of expression could be considered one of the most fundamental of all freedoms. While it is of dubious value to rate one freedom over another, freedom of expression is a basic foundation of democracy—it is a core freedom, without which democracy could not exist.

In the age of Social Media and other forms of instant communications, what once might have been only shared by a few, can now be heard and read instantaneously around the world. This new era creates many challenges when it comes to the important democratic principle of free expression. When the sacred is involved, this becomes all the more important and as recent events have shown, dire. This panel discussion aims to explore the important relationship between free expression and the sacred.

5:00pm - Reception
5.30pm - Dinner
6.15pm - Panel Discussion
6.45pm - Q&A
7.00pm - End

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DATE - April 19th Islam's Jesus - Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

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Dr. Zeki Saritoprak
Associate Professor, Director of the Bediuzzaman Said Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies

In the West, it is not well known that Jesus is an important figure in the history of Islam. Perhaps it's time to change that. Dr. Saritoprak's groundbreaking new book examines Islam's theological engagement with the Nazarene and explores his role in the future of Islam itself. It begins by examining the Muslim world's understanding of Jesus in the Qu'ran and Hadith. In these key religious texts Jesus is not just a historical figure, but an Islamic messiah. One of the key roles the Son of Man plays today and in the future is as a bridge between Christianity and Islam. The final chapter surveys his place in Christian-Muslim dialogue. As more than half of the world's people are either Muslim or Christian, through dialogue Jesus can be a bringer of world peace. Books will be available for sale and signing at the event. 

The event is free of charge. RSVP is required.

Reception: 5.00pm
Dinner: 5.30pm
Lecture: 6.15pm
Q&A: 6.45pm
Book Signing at 7.00pm



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Muslims, Jews gather at Denver mosque to help feed the hungry

Muslims, Jews gather at Denver mosque to help feed the hungry Jews and Muslims were in a sticky situation Sunday at the Northeast Denver Islamic Center — they were up to their elbows in peanut butter and jelly as they made roughly 1,000 sandwiches to hand out to people on the streets.



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